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Change your enrolment

Throughout the year you may like to make changes to your enrolment.  

Manage my enrolment

You are able to make some changes to your enrolment within the Student Centre in UConnect. AskUSQ can provide you with more details on the following:

  • Check your Enrolment details - if you would like to enrol in some more courses, you will need to add them to your Enrolment Cart first
  • swap courses - to change the mode of study, campus or even change the whole courses
  • drop courses - you can change your class enrolment by dropping the incorrect class
  • change your exam centre - remember that it is University policy that on-campus students must sit exams at the campus that they are enrolled

  • change your major - you can update and change your major, by choosing from a list of majors relevant to your program (degree).

Things to consider

When changing your enrolment you should consider:

  • avoiding any financial and academic penalties by changing your enrolment by the last date to add or drop courses and being aware of the fee payment dates 
  • pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements, particularly for future semesters, and
  • changes to enrolments could affect Centrelink entitlements.

 Changing your program

For some changes to your program or enrolment you will need to consult your faculty and/or apply in writing:

  • changing your program 
  • taking a break from study - Leave of Absence (absent for a whole academic year), and
  • cancelling your enrolment.