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LGBTIQ community

The USQ Ally Network aims to provide a safe-zone and visible support network for students and employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer or questioning (LGBTIQ). 

The Network promotes a supportive and inclusive educational and work environment, aims to create change and advocates against discriminative or exclusive behaviours. The Network also hosts a number of events throughout the year, including USQ Ally Network Natters, a monthly gathering providing a safe and inclusive space for discussion for the LGBTIQ community and their supporters.

Library LGBTIQ safe place

The USQ Library LGBTIQ safe place is an initiative demonstrating the Library’s commitment to providing a visible and inclusive safe place for our LGBTIQ staff and students. Library staff have received USQ Ally training and have access to resources and are equipped with a network of professional referrals.

LGBTIQ+ Graduating Students


The USQ Ally Network would like to acknowledge your achievement of obtaining your degree with all its challenges. As a token and memento, we are pleased to offer a Lavender Pin to our graduating LGBTIQ+ students!


The Lavender Pin originated as a tradition in North America, where Lavender Graduation Ceremonies are celebrated across many universities. The colour lavender has a significance in LGBTIQ+ history, and is today used as a symbol of pride.


To claim a pin, please email from your umail account with the following details:

  • Your name and student ID
  • The congratulations email from the VC regarding your graduation (a screen shot or you can forward the email)
  • If you would like to collect the pin from the Student Success and Wellbeing office, and which campus: Toowoomba, Ipswich, or Springfield
  • If you cannot collect, a mailing address we can send your pin to. This will be in a USQ envelope but not identified on the outside as from the Ally Network.

Ally newsletter

The Ally Newsletter is sent to all formally registered Allies monthly. To contribute to the newsletter, please email    

Become an Ally

The Ally training sessions will take place online via Zoom on Wednesdays, between 12 noon - 1.30pm (approx.).  Please register your attendance beforehand by clicking on the appropriate date below:

Ally Network Natters

USQ Ally Network Natters are intended to be a safe and inclusive space for discussion and relaxation for members of the LGBTIQ community and their supporters within USQ. They are gatherings alternating between Springfield, Ipswich and Toowoomba campuses, which are also available to all USQ Allies via live webinar.    

Guest Speaker: Damien Johnson

Wednesday 4th August – 12:45pm-1:15

Come join us for the next Ally Network Natter to hear from Damien Johnson, Inclusive Music Maker, Inclusive Film maker, who will talk to us about making sense of identity, stereotypes and mental health.


Ipswich’s self-professed prophet of prose, alt-electro-rock artist DAMIEN powerfully pushes against mainstream conventions with poignant, post-punk political commentaries and calls for social activism.

Originally born in Sydney, NSW, DAMIEN has at one stage or another called Armidale, Bundaberg, Redlands, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast, 'home'. He now resides in the city of Ipswich, 45mins west of Brisbane.  

Emerging in early 2020, DAMIEN's music blends electro rock with elements of both pop and industrial,  and pairs this with lyrical content that has solidified him as an artist hell bent on causing a ruckus that disrupts the conventions of current day consumerism.

In 2021 DAMIEN released a full length album, 'Girl', which was praised for reshaping alternative electronica by Happy Mag. 

DAMIEN has performed to sell-out crowds, and in May 2021 launched his album in front of a near capacity crowd at the iconic Lefty's Music Hall in Brisbane, earning critical acclaim for his energy and crowd engagement during his performance.

DAMIEN has received national airplay and has featured in local, national and international publications. His 'Your Woman' music video has been heavily cheered for its support of transgender people and awareness of issues faced by the transgender community. 


I hope to share about my own experience of trying to make sense of myself and my identity as someone with Bi-Polar disorder in a world that often struggles to accept people who don't fit into stereotypes or simple categories.

To join us via zoom webinar, register here

USQ Allies

Allies are USQ staff and students who are informed about and empathetic to the needs of the LGBTIQ community. Their role is to provide confidential support to USQ staff and students of the LGBTIQ community and advocate for a community free from harassment or discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity. Allies do not necessarily identify as LGBTIQ and are not necessarily professional counsellors or equity practitioners. 

Allies undertake awareness training and are equipped with a network of professional referrals and LGBTIQ community resources. They can be identified by the small rainbow sticker on their office door or window, or they may be wearing a small rainbow pin. Find a member:

LGBTIQ resources and referral

USQ Ally Network

The USQ Ally Network aims to provide a safe-zone and a visible support network for students and employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, bisexual, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ).

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