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Information for session chairs

Roles and responsibilities

  • Please direct any issues to the volunteer assigned to your room or the volunteers at the registration desk located in the foyer of the Empire Theatres (Neil Street) or the Toowoomba City Library (Level 3 of the Library building).
  • It is expected that the Chair is responsible for managing the session.
  • Most of the concurrent sessions during the conference run for 90 minutes and comprise of three papers of 20 minutes duration. There is an allowance of 10 minutes per paper for questions.
  • The presenters should consult with the chair to determine if questions are taken at the end of each paper or at the end of the session’s final paper, but we encourage questions to be asked at the end of each paper to ensure all presenters have the opportunity to receive feedback. Chairs must ensure that presenters adhere strictly to the time allowed and will indicate when 10 minutes have elapsed, when 3 minutes remain, and when 1 minute remains.
  • Please arrive at the allocated room at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the session.
  • Please introduce yourself to the respective speakers as they arrive. Assist them to become familiar with the presentation set up (or seek advice from the volunteers in the foyer area). Ensure all speakers for the session are present. Check that they consent to having their papers tweeted.
  • Please ask each presenter how they would like to be introduced to the delegates.
  • Please ensure that your session starts on time.
  • Introduce yourself to the delegates, announce the session title, and tell the audience if a speaker does not wish their paper to be tweeted.
  • Tell delegates to please ensure their devices, including phones, are silent.
  • Please feel free to provide advice to any presenter who may be having problems with the audio-visual equipment or any other aspect of their presentation or seek assistance from the volunteer responsible for your room.
  • You may find that a presenter has not allowed sufficient time for questions if they have used it on making their presentation. Be prepared to step in if the presenter invites questions that will take them over their allotted time.
  • It is extremely important that each presenter takes up no more than their allotted time to ensure that each presenter gets an equal proportion of time and that the session finishes on time.
  • Watch the time closely and allow time for conclusions and expression of thanks to speakers on behalf of delegates.

You can access biographies for the presenters in your session through the online program (TBA) by using the 'Find Presenting Authors' search.  

On behalf of the Organising Committee thank you for your support and willingness to be involved as a Chair!