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man playing piano

Piano and all things Keys with Nathan Seiler

The contemporary pianist needs to be across a broad and ever expanding range of skill-sets. In this workshop you will look at the role of the pianist in various contemporary genres including jazz; blues; country; pop; RnB and reggae.
13 - 17 JAN 2020
8.30 AM - 4.00 PM

In this workshop you will cover a range of essential skills including developing aural skills; transcription of songs and analysis of arrangements; accompaniment; improvisation; rhythm section and different styles to name a few.

With a strong focus on performance, you will look at the ways technology is being incorporated innovatively into the world of piano and walk away with a set of new tools and techniques as well as a renewed enthusiasm for playing the piano.

About Nathan

Nathan viscerally recalls the first time laying fingers on a piano 35 years ago, immediately beginning to improvise and compose. A prolific performer, recording artist and educator, Nathan has lectured at TAFE QLD, QUT, USQ the JMC Academy, Brisbane. He maintains a busy schedule having recently recorded with Caitlyn Shadbolt (2016 CMC New OZ Artist of the Year) on her 2017 album ‘Songs On My Sleeve’ (ABC Music), Christie Lamb’s (2015 New Oz Artist of the Year) 2017 Album ‘Loaded’ (ABC Music) and the Karin Page CMA Toyota Starmaker Award 2016.

Nathan is a freelance portfolio musician based in Brisbane with over 26 years of professional composition, teaching and performing expertise to share.