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Vocals with Kath Williams

Embark on a journey of vocal self-discovery!
13 - 17 JAN 2020
8.30 AM - 4.00 PM

Kath Williams is a passionate teacher of voice and in this workshop you will be introduced to a toolbox of techniques that will help you build on what’s working, identify where you need development and pave the way for building a voice powered by balance and healthy function.

We will work with a holistic approach to singing with freedom via body form, vocal health and hygiene, alignment, breath, build strength with register balancing and resonance, explore stagecraft, harmony and backing vocals, improvisation, circle singing and mic technique all with a practical application for joyous performance.

About Kath 

Kath holds a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy (Qld Conservatorium of Music) and has studied under the world’s leading voice teachers. She is certified in Levels I II and III in Somatic Voicework, and is an international affiliate teacher of Core Singing under Dr Meribeth Dayme.

She has studied Circle Singing with Rhiannon, Acapella with Deke Sharon (PitchPerfect) and Contemporary Gospel with Eric Dozier (Nashville), Khristian Dentley (Take 6).

Kath has over 25 years’ experience in community music facilitation and contemporary music performance as a gig singer, multi-instrumentalist, choir director and teacher and has a thriving voice teaching practice on the Sunshine Coast.