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Drones for STEM learning and teaching

13 JUL - 11 DEC 2020
12.00 AM - 12.00 AM

The STEM Education team are continuing the Drones for STEM learning and teaching workshops in 2020!

These workshops are for Years 7 - 12 high school teachers and students in the proximity of our three USQ campuses. The intention of these workshops is to begin with the basis - developing the confidence and key skills required to operate and manipulate a drone safely.

The program consists of two parts/workshops:

  1. A 1.5 hour professional development (PD) workshop to build teacher capacity and confidence in using drones and understanding the pedagogical purpose.
  2. A 1 hour workshop for students (several workshops can be run over one day) to build all students' confidence and skills in manipulating a drone as well as understanding the principles of safe ethical drone flying.

The teacher professional development (PD) takes place prior to the student workshops, so that teacher can fully participate and contribute to the delivery of the student workshops, together with the USQ staff.

The PD and the student workshops are free of charge and the USQ team will provide the required equipment and technology. After experiencing the basic workshop, USQ academics are more than happy to work along side the school to develop more complex workshops (e.g. coding) and to discuss ways to integrate drones into the school's curriculum.