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Did you know? community talk - Probing alien worlds from down under

As a naturally curious and adventurous species, humans have scaled mountains, crossed deserts and oceans, trying to answer a very fundamental question: Are we alone?
15 OCT 2020
5.30 PM - 6.30 PM
via Zoom

LINK TO RECORDING: Probing alien worlds from Down Under

In celebration of International Space Week, discover USQ's role in exploring the universe for other life forms.

Now that we’ve explored the niches of our own planet, it’s up to astronomers like 2020 Fulbright Scholar Jake Clark and Dr Carolyn Brown, Lecturer (Physics) to cross the vast cosmic ocean to find life elsewhere within our Milky Way galaxy.

But how do we find planets dancing around other stars? What makes another world habitable for life as we know it? And how are doing all of this within our own backyard?

Well, you'll just have to come to this talk to find out!

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