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DIY Drone Mapping Workshop for Agriculture

Cutting-edge technology solutions that work for your business.
22 APR 2021
3.30 PM - 6.30 PM
QLD College of Wine Tourism, Stanthorpe

A free half day of workshop on key concepts of using drones for smart farming and agriculture purpose. Hear directly from agricultural, industry professionals and researchers in a series of talks and demonstrations. In this interactive workshop you will learn about cutting edge drone technology and how their products can be used to better manage your farms.

The workshop program will be as follows:

3.30pm Opening and Sessions 

  • Why geospatial is important for the Farming industry? - Kerry Battersby from Queensland Farmers Federation
  • What is an orthophoto, why is it useful and how can we create them? Lee Hellen from Land Solution Australia
  • What are spatial tools and how can they benefit your farming operation? Peter James from Cohga
  • How do I use a drone for Geospatial capture? Rules and practical tips for operation. Zahra Gharineiat from University of Southern QLD
4.15pm Field Demonstration

How you too can fly a drone on your farm, a field demonstration by Zahra

4.45pm Q&A

Facilitated roundtable with panelist chaired by Kerry

5.30pm Complimentary networking and drinks

6.30pm  Close