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Key management

How to request keys

Any request for the issue of key/s must be approved by the Dean of Faculty, Head of Section or their appointed delegate, Key Controller and forwarded to Security. Keys will be issued by Security to each Faculty or Section only for the rooms or facilities that are occupied by that Faculty/Section.

All authorised requests for locks and the issue of keys will be at the expense of the Faculty/Section making the request unless it is part of capital works or replacement due to fair wear and tear.

Returning keys

It is the responsibility of a member of staff, student or other person to whom a University key is issued to ensure its safe keeping. In addition, they have a duty to return the key/s to Security when ceasing employment within that Faculty/Section or when completing the assignment or other activity for which the key was provided.

Lost keys

The key holder is to immediately advise Security and provide to the Dean of Faculty or Head of Section in which they are employed a written statement setting out the facts and circumstances of the loss.

The Head of Faculty or Section should forward this report to the Manager (Security and Emergency) who will arrange, if necessary, at cost, for the immediate re-pinning of locks and providing replacement keys for those areas compromised by the loss.

Emergency Access

Emergency access to all rooms and buildings can be gained at any time by contacting Security personnel on campus who will first establish the bona fides of the person seeking access and will then normally provide an escort to the area or may issue the person with the key/s to the area. Such a key issue will be of a temporary/emergency nature only.

It will be the person's responsibility to immediately return the key/s to University Security once the reason for requiring access has been satisfied.

For further information on key management please contact us.