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Element 1 Management commitment

Vice-Chancellor's Safety Commitment Message

The University of Southern Queensland is committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in the field of health and safety. We aim to be recognised as a leader in safety performance and to provide an environment to work and study with safety risks reduced as low as reasonably practicable.

Strong leadership by senior executives, managers and supervisors is critical to achieving our safety goals, and the active participation of all staff, students, contractors and visitors, in understanding and complying with their own health and safety duties, will help us achieve a health and generative safety culture.

Our Safety Management System provides the framework to achieve our aims and goals through:

  • leadership and commitment by all levels of management;
  • ensuring the safety organisation structure is resourced and managed appropriately;
  • applying safety risk management principles to all aspects of University operations;
  • providing guidance through comprehensive work health and safety procedures;
  • ensuring appropriate controls are applied for the engagement of all suppliers, subcontractors and consultants and the the purchase of all goods and services;
  • reporting all incidents and hazards and investigating them with the intention of preventing and recurrence;
  • managing all injuries and illnesses to achieve the optimum outcome for the individual and the University;
  • providing emergency and critical incident management guidance and services;
  • establishing safety committee and encouraging all stakeholders to participate in the consultation processes;
  • providing appropriate training and education for all staff , students and visitors;
  • establishing and resourcing a staff well-being programme and encouraging a high level or participation; and
  • reviewing and auditing the safety management system to ensure continuous improvement.

It is every employee's obligation to make certain that safe work practices are part of everything we do and that we are continually aware of how we can improve. Your involvement and active participation is essential to achieving this vision.

University of Southern Queensland

Commitment at all levels

Safety management requires the involvement of all staff; however without the commitment of senior management the system is unlikely to be effective. Senior management at USQ demonstrate their commitment to safety by :

  • participating in Safety Management System initiatives such as safety committees,
  • endorsing the USQ Workplace Health and Safety Policy,
  • communicating the safety policy and standards to all staff,
  • allocating appropriate resources to support the Safety Management System,
  • establishing a reporting chain for safety issues, and
  • actively encouraging participation in the Safety Management System.

Workplace health and safety policy

The USQ Work Health and Safety Policy is reviewed annually or when there are major changes to the USQ structure or operating environment.