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Element 10 Education and training

The need for training and education

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety legislation requires that all personnel are provided with the necessary training to safely conduct the duties of their employment or role. Other obligations include the need for safety induction and emergency training and the requirement to document and record the details of the training.

Who is responsible?

The obligation to provide the training is owned by the employer and is conducted by the managers, supervisors and lecturers. Individuals at all levels of the organisation are responsible for the personnel in their charge. Some examples of this obligations are:

  • supervisors and managers are responsible for their subordinates,
  • lecturers are responsible for their students,
  • contractors are the responsibility of the person who hires or controls them, and
  • event organisers are responsible for visitors.

Types of training

Safety induction training must be provided to all new staff, students, contractors and visitors and redone annually.

USQ Supervisor Training - Workplace Health and Safety program has been designed as practical and interactive, and will cover critical areas of responsibility for leading and managing employees, particularly with regards to workplace health and safety.  

There are several methods for providing safety induction training for staff, students and contractors including self-paced online inductions. For further information contact the safety and wellbeing team.

Workplace health and safety training schedule

The safety and wellbeing team conducts regular training courses on health, safety and wellbeing issues. Visit the web site or contact the safety and wellbeing team for further information.

Tea Break Talks

Tea Break Talks (TBTs) are short presentation and discussion topics for use by all staff to focus on a given topic. The discussions are designed to last from five to 20 minutes and should be presented on a regular basis at safety education and training sessions.