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Element 2 Safety organisation structure

About the safety and wellbeing team

The University has established the health and wellbeing team within the Inclusion, Safety and Employee Relations area of Human Resources as its workplace health and safety and risk management unit. The team is located at the Toowoomba Campus and is responsible for the development and management of innovative safety and wellbeing strategies, programs, management systems, projects and initiatives that align with the University’s core values and culture.

Safety and wellbeing standing instructions

The safety and wellbeing team operates according to Standing Instructions (SIs) to ensure compliance with a future quality system and standard.

Safety and wellbeing contacts

Details of the safety and wellbeing team, Emergency Wardens, Health and Safety Representatives and Emergency Numbers are available on the web:

Safety structure within faculties, divisions, schools and other workplaces

Each workplace is required to have personnel identified as responsible for safety management. These personnel are not made responsible for safety but rather for ensuring the tasks within the WHSMS are conducted.

Each workplace is also required to belong to or sponsor a Health and Safety Committee that reports to the next higher level committee. Typically a faculty may have only one Health and Safety committee or it may also have other smaller committees representing work areas if appropriate.