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Element 3 Risk management

Safety Risk Management at USQ is the responsibility of all staff and risk management processes are to be embedded within all operations and facets of the organisation.

The Work Health and Safety Risk Management Procedure is available in the USQ Policy Library, however, the majority of safety risk management processes can be conducted using the Online Safety Risk Management System.

Online Safety Risk Management System 

The USQ Safety Risk Management System is an online system to develop, process, store and track all Risk Management Plans.  The system is intuitive and steps the user through the process with little or no training, however, training is available and users are encourage to participate.

Creating a Risk Management Plan (RMP)

A SharePoint page within the Online Safety Risk Management System presents a graphic offering three choices:

  • Browse (the entire database of RMPs)
    • provides read-only access to every RMP on the system, and an option to create a new RMP from any existing RMP by pressing the 'create new RMP' button on the top right hand side of that page.
  • Create a new RMP (from a blank form)   
    • option to create a new RMP from a blank form.
  • Create a new RMP (from an existing RMP)
    • option to create a new RMP from any existing RMP by pressing the 'create  new RMP' button on the top right hand side of that page.

When a new RMP is created, the system will generate a unique identifying number, for example, RMP 2016 126. 

Approval of RMPs

When an RMP is created, a supervisor and an approver must be nominated.  The supervisor and approver will receive an email with a link back to that particular RMP.  During this initial release phase, please ensure you have notified the supervisor and approver, before you press 'submit'.

Your RMPs

The right hand side of the SharePoint page contains lists of RMPs:

  • My risk management plans - all plans that you have created.
  • Risk management plans for my action (I am approver) - RMPs for your approval with links directly to document.
  • Risk management plans I have already actioned - RMPs submitted for your approval which have already been approved or rejected.
  • Risk management plans for noting (I am supervisor) - RMPs created for which you are nominated as the supervisor.


Training in the system is available through Human Resources Learning and Development .  Access to the course is via UConnect/HR Self Service/My Training.  Separate training sessions can also be organised for individual sections or departments on request to USQSafe.

Working offline

In circumstances where it is not possible to access the online system, or when access to the internet is not available, there is a downloadable Microsoft Word document that can be used for planning and drafting sessions.  This document must subsequently be transcribed to the Online Safety Risk Management System at the first opportunity.