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Element 5 Suppliers, sub-contractors and purchasing controls


Obligations for Workplace Health and Safety do not relate solely to USQ staff and students. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 places specific and generalised obligations on University personnel to manage the operations and practices of all persons working for or on behalf of USQ.

To meet this obligation it is necessary to standardise and control University dealings with suppliers and contractors and to implement purchasing controls in accordance with safety standards.

The intention of this element is to ensure:

  • managers, supervisors and staff are aware of all safety obligations in relation to employing contractors, purchasing goods or services and dealing with suppliers;
  • that systems exist requiring contractors/suppliers to conform to the University's workplace health and safety standards and procedures;
  • the purchasing system takes account of these standards and requires appropriate authorisation as a prerequisite to ordering goods and services; and
  • that where the University is a designer, manufacturer, importer; or, supplier of plant or erector/installer of plant or high risk plant; or, a manufacturer, importer or supplier of substances for use at workplaces, that account is taken of the University's workplace health and safety standards and procedures.

Contractor safety

For details on ensuring contractor safety, the contractor management procedure is contained within the USQ Policy Library.

Purchasing materials

The purchase of all materials within the University is to be in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety Procedures. Where specific guidance is not provided assistance should be sought from the safety and wellbeing team.