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Element 8 Emergency management


All emergency procedures within USQ are detailed within the Emergency Procedure Guide which provides a one-stop-shop for all matters to do with emergencies.

The guide has been prepared and issued in accordance with the QLD Work Health and Safety Act 2011. 

Emergency procedures manual

The Emergency procedures guide is published as a pdf document and may be printed or referenced online. Access to the document is through the crisis and emergency management website managed by Campus Services.

Critical incident plan

The USQ critical incident plan is designed and managed by Campus Services.

Evacuation plans

Evacuation plans and maps are the responsibility of the Chief Wardens and Floor Wardens in each building to produce and maintain. Campus Services is currently in the process of replacing all evacuation plans and maps produced using standard templates. Wardens should contact Campus Services for guidance on the production of evacuation plans and maps. Assembly point maps are available for each campus.

Emergency planning committee

The Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) meets to coordinate the activities of the University in regards to emergency management. The EPC is chaired by the Emergency Manager and all Chief Wardens are members.

The EPC reports to the University Safety Committee.

Crisis Management

USQ has established a formal Crisis Management program across the University to manage a crisis or to prevent a situation developing into a crisis. The Crisis Management Plan (CMP) is an action document to guide the Crisis Management Team (CMT)  in managing a crisis or a situation that has the potential to develop into a crisis.

The Crisis Management Plan (CMP)  does not replace, but is aligned with the existing Emergency Procedures and the Business Continuity Plan.

A crisis is defined as “A sudden event or series of events that seriously threatens or has the potential to escalate and threaten the University of Southern Queensland’s people, operations, assets, environment, or long-term prospects and reputation.”

The full version of the Crisis Management Plan is restricted to members of the Crisis Management Team (CMT). For further information regarding the Crisis Management Plan contact the Manager (Security & Emergency).