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Tea break talks

Tea Break Talks (TBTs) are short presentation and discussion topics for use by all staff to focus on a given topic. The discussions are designed to last from five to 20 minutes and should be presented on a regular basis at safety education and training sessions.

TBTs are prepared on a wide range of topics relating to the specific risks or work activities of the University. Additional TBTs may be developed on request or as the need arises.

The TBTs may be presented by any staff member but it is envisaged they would usually be delivered by a supervisor or manager. Safety and wellbeing staff are also available to deliver the training if required.

It is recommended that these sessions are conducted on a regular basis with a maximum interval of one month.

Tea Break Talks (Full version - A4 size)

TBT Posters (Brief version - A4 size)

Tea Break Talk - Ceramics (PDF* 296kb)
Poster - Ceramics (PDF* 354kb)
Tea Break Talk - Confined Space (PDF* 322kb) Poster - Confined Space (PDF* 286kb)
Tea Break Talk - Contractor Safety (PDF* 409kb)
Poster - Contractor Safety (PDF* 460kb)
Tea Break Talk - Forklift Safety (PDF* 313kb)
Poster - Forklift Safety (PDF* 427kb)
Tea Break Talk - Handling Sharps (PDF* 291kb)
Poster - Handling Sharps (PDF* 285kb)
Tea Break Talk - Height Safety (PDF* 350kb)
Poster - Height Safety (PDF* 402kb)
Tea Break Talk - Hot Work (PDF* 369kb)
Poster - Hot Work (PDF* 306kb)
Tea Break Talk - Injury Prevention (PDF* 349kb)
Poster - Injury Prevention (PDF* 451kb)
Tea Break Talk - Isolation (PDF* 260kb)
Poster - Isolation (PDF* 412kb)
Tea Break Talk - Ladder Safety (PDF* 463kb)
Poster - Ladder Safety (PDF* 387kb)
Tea Break Talk - Notifiable Incidents (PDF* 277kb)
Poster - Notifiable Incidents (PDF* 410kb)

 *This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from Adobe. Users who are unable to access information in PDF format should contact the safety and wellbeing team to obtain this information in an alternative format.