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Safety induction training

Work Health and Safety Legislation in Queensland obliges the employer to provide safety training to all employees and contractors working for or on behalf of the University and for all students studying on campus.  To meet these obligations, the University has developed training packages that may be delivered online, in a lecture room or on a one-to-one basis. 

Obligation to provide training

The safety induction packages provided by USQSafe are designed as tools to assist managers, supervisors and lecturers to meet their Work Health and Safety obligations.  The obligation to provide safety induction training always remains with each immediate supervisor and each person responsible for a group of people such as employees, contractors, visitors or students.

Record of training

A record must be kept of all safety induction training and is the responsibility of the manager/supervisor obligated to provide the training. If completing the Staff Safety Induction online (the logged in version - not the paper assessment) your results will be recorded on PeopleSoft.

Training frequency

All safety induction training must be completed on initial appointment or commencement of course and must be re-done annually. The training currently available online is:

 Training  Applicability
Staff Safety Induction

Upon commencement, all new employees must complete the Work Health and Safety eInduction Module which is part of the broader mandatory eInduction program.  All existing employees are required to complete the Work Health and Safety Module which forms part of the annual refresher training.

Contractor Safety Induction


Must be completed by each person who will be working on a University site.  Please contact the Security Office to arrange induction. Contractor induction booklets are also available from Campus Services and are available as an alternative to the online induction.
Note: All Category 4 Contractors (Minor Works) on Toowoomba campus must register using the Visitor Registration System (VRS) at Security Office.

Student Safety Induction

Available for completion by all students regardless of course length or duration.