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First aid provides the initial attention to a person suffering an injury or illness. First aid in the workplace has a number of benefits including:

  • saving lives,
  • preventing permanent disablement,
  • improving safety awareness and preventing injury and illness in the workplace, and
  • assisting early return to work and rehabilitation.

The University has humane, legal and financial obligations to provide a first aid service for its staff, students and visitors. The University is committed to providing a first aid service that satisfies the University’s obligations under the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice 2014. The legislation sets out minimum standards for first aid in the workplace and guides the workplace in determining appropriate first aid arrangements to suit the particular needs of the organisation, taking into account the types of work performed, the nature of the hazards encountered, the likely injuries and illnesses that may occur, the number of people at the workplace, and the size, layout and location of the workplace.

These procedures require that all injuries requiring first aid be treated and reported in accordance with the First Aid Procedures outlined in the Emergency Procedures Manual.

Although effort has been made to provide procedures that will work in every situation, it is acknowledged that due to the dynamic nature and complexities of emergencies, not all procedures will work in all cases. For this reason it is imperative that members of the USQ community attain as much training as possible so they can use their initiative when situations change.