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7. Field trips

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the field trip to plan for possible first aid needs in consultation with field trip participants and other relevant staff, and to ensure that the appropriate first aid equipment and trained first aid personnel are provided. See also Fieldwork Safety Guidelines.

The first aid equipment carried on field trips must be limited to that necessary for reasonably foreseeable circumstances given the competence of field party members in first aid. It must be reasonably portable (light and compact) so as to interfere minimally with the carriage of necessary research and camping equipment, supplies etc. It must be durable so as to remain intact and keep its contents sterile in adverse conditions.

Medical emergencies and major trauma on field trips cannot be completely covered by a first aid kit. The primary need is for trained first aiders who can manage the immediate needs of the casualty and arrange facilities for obtaining prompt evacuation to medical care.

In remote areas 24 hour communications facilities from base camp or vehicle are advisable. The contents of basic vehicle kits are provided for C size kits.

All vehicles taken into the field must be fitted with a least this minimum kit.