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Chief Warden Incentive Payment Guidelines

To acknowledge both the importance of the Chief Warden role and the effort required to fulfil the associated responsibilities, Chief Wardens who successfully complete their role are eligible for an annual Chief Warden Incentive Payment. The Guidelines outline the details and application of incentive payments to eligible employees who successfully undertake the role of Chief Warden at USQ.


Under Qld legislation, USQ is required to establish and maintain procedures to control emergency situations that could adversely affect employees, students, and visitors. The University’s Emergency procedures allocate responsibility for local and building based emergency preparedness to the local Category 4 Delegate or above, within their area of control. Coordination, administration and emergency response is delegated to the Chief Warden, who is responsible for a building or group of buildings.

A Chief Warden is expected to carry out emergency responsibilities concurrently with their primary position duties. An effective Chief Warden is required to allocate a significant amount of time and effort to the role. USQ employees who have occupied the role of Chief Warden for a period of 12 months and meet the required Chief Warden Incentive Payment Criteria are eligible for the Chief Warden Incentive Payment. The Chief Warden Incentive Payment is a single annual taxable payment of $1000 that is non-superable. The payment is funded centrally by the University.

Where possible, the role of Chief Warden will be rotated after 2 years service in the role so that other employees have the opportunity to occupy the role. Gender equity will be taken into consideration in the filling and rotating of the Chief Warden role. Each Chief Warden is only eligible to receive a single monetary payment regardless of quantity of buildings being managed.


The Chief Warden Incentive Payment has been introduced as a USQ initiative to:

  • acknowledge the additional tasks and responsibilities associated with being a Chief Warden;
  • ensure that all Chief Warden roles are occupied by attracting motivated and competent candidates; and
  • improve compliance with the University’s Emergency Policy and Guidelines for Fire and Other Emergencies

Chief Warden Role and Requirements


  • maintain an up-to-date emergency procedure document (revised every six months);
  • maintain greater than 75% Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) membership;
  • chair and minute two ECO meetings per year;
  • regularly report to the local Category 4 Delegate or above on building emergency management issues (minimum twice per year);
  • respond to building emergencies (when present);
  • complete an Emergency Evacuation Checklist for each evacuation and submit this to USQSafe;
  • liaise with local management, Campus Services, Security, and QLD Fire and Rescue personnel to resolve local problems/concerns relating to emergency procedures; 
  • complete a bi-annual evacuation exercise, or provide documented evidence of multiple real emergency evacuations where the emergency response meets the requirements of the Emergency Evacuation Checklist; and
  • conduct monthly building fire safety housekeeping inspections including fire equipment, access and egress, electrical test and tag and general housekeeping.

Selection Criteria

  • demonstrated leadership qualities;
  • maturity of judgement, good decision making skills and the capacity to remain calm under pressure;
  • clear diction and good communication skills;
  • located within the same building and reasonably available to respond to building emergencies; and
  • successfully completed Chief Warden Training.

Nomination Process

Campus Services will notify the Category 4 Delegate or above within a building when there is a vacancy for a Chief Warden. Chief Wardens normally occupy the role for a two year period.

Candidates for the role of Chief Warden will be nominated by their Category 4 Delegate or above using the Chief Warden Nomination Form (PDF* 58KB). If the building is occupied by multiple users, the nomination must be supported by at least one other section head within the building.

The nomination form will be returned to Campus Services, who will review the nomination/s and forward to the Payroll team for processing.

Confirmation of Chief Warden Role

On receipt of the Chief Warden Nomination Form (PDF* 58KB), the Payroll team will send the nominated employee a Letter of Offer.

The nominated employee will sign and return the Letter of Offer to the Payroll team to confirm acceptance of the role.

On receipt of the signed Letter of Offer, the Chief Warden role will be added to the employee’s profile within the HR information system and the nominating Category 4 Delegate or above and Campus Services will be notified that the Chief Warden role has been filled.

Incentive Payment Criteria

To be eligible for the Chief Warden Incentive Payment, a Chief Warden must:

  • be currently employed by the University in a full time and continuing capacity;
  • be nominated by the Dean and/or Administrative Managers in accordance with the nomination process, and have confirmed, in writing that they accept the role;
  • have occupied the role of Chief Warden for a 12 month period; and
  • provide evidence to the Manager, (Security & Emergency) that the Chief Warden responsibilities have been fulfilled within the 12 month period through completing the Chief Warden Incentive Payment Review Form (PDF* 51KB).

Review of Chief Warden Incentive Criteria completion

One month before the end of the 12 month period of service in the role of Chief Warden, the Payroll team will notify the Chief Warden and their supervisor that a review of the completion of responsibilities and incentive payment criteria is required.

The supervisor will meet with the Chief Warden to discuss performance of the role and assessment of incentive payment criteria and complete the Chief Warden Incentive Payment Review Form (PDF* 51KB) for confirmation by the Category 4 Delegate or above.

If the Chief Warden has complied with and successfully met the Chief Warden incentive payment criteria, the completed and signed Chief Warden Incentive Payment Review Form (PDF* 51KB) will be returned to USQSafe for recommendation of payment and the Payroll team will then ensure payment of the incentive payment in the first available pay period following the completion of the 12 month period of service and receipt of the completed Chief Warden Incentive Payment Review Form (PDF* 51KB).

Instances of non-compliance

Where a Chief Warden has not complied with or successfully met the Chief Warden Incentive Payment Criteria, the Chief Warden will be provided with feedback and given an opportunity to present evidence indicating why criteria have not been achieved. The Chief Warden will then be given the opportunity for a second review to be completed within 3 months.

Failure to comply with or successfully meet the Chief Warden Incentive Payment criteria will result in non-payment of the Chief Warden Incentive Payment, and a repeated failure may lead to possible removal from the role of Chief Warden. In these circumstances the Deputy Chief Warden will be given preference to replace the Chief Warden. A decision to remove an employee from the role of Chief Warden will be made by the Category 4 Delegate or above in conjunction with the Manager, (Security & Emergency).

Where there is ambiguity regarding the fulfilment of the Chief Warden Incentive Payment criteria, the supervisor, Category 4 Delegate or above or Chief Warden can request an independent review. Campus Services will then review the evidence and make a decision.

Pro-Rata Payments

Pro-rata payments will only be considered if an employee served as a Chief Warden for 9 months or more, but took extended leave for a period of time or left the role of Chief Warden to take-up another primary position located in another building or building complex within the University. In both cases pro-rata payments are only payable if the incentive criteria have been fully complied with during the period that the employee held the role of Chief Warden. Recommendations for payment will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Manager, (Security & Emergency).

Approvals and Contacts

Category 4 Delegate or above  Confirmation of completion of incentive criteria
Director, Human Resources     Approval of incentive payment
Manager, Security & Emergency All administrative arrangements and recommendation for incentive payment