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Emergency wardens

Key objective

Emergency wardens have been established to enable the University to deal effectively with emergency situations.  An emergency warden is assigned to each major building or area and is headed by a Chief Warden.

Scope of the role

Any employee may be called upon to be an emergency warden.  Deans or Directors are responsible for the nomination of emergency wardens in conjunction with the Chief Warden and for selecting replacements as required.

Emergency warden members report to their respective Chief Warden in relation to emergency procedures.

In the event of an emergency, emergency wardens have the authority to direct University employees, students, contractors and visitors to carry out actions required to protect life.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Emergency wardens do not require previous experience or qualifications to take on the role, and will be given the following training to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities:

  • Evacuation procedures
  • Area familiarisation
  • Fire extinguisher handling as appropriate
  • CPR


Area responsibilities

  • Know where the fire extinguishers, emergency break points and emergency exits are located within their assigned area of responsibility;
  • Ensure that assigned zone of responsibility is free of safety hazards; and
  • Telephone the switchboard, or arrange for someone else to call, in the event of an emergency.

Evacuation responsibilities

  • Clear the assigned area of responsibility of all occupants. Each room and corridor in the area is to be checked and evacuated;
  • Ensure that all the occupants leave the building;
  • Leave the building after all occupants have been evacuated and report to the assembly area, or remain at the assigned exit to prevent entry;
  • Maintain crowd control as required;
  • Report to Chief Warden after false alarm or drill evacuations; and
  • Wear a helmet, for safety and identification purposes, during evacuation procedures.