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SafeZone App

USQ cares about your safety on campus, we’re now going a step further by launching the USQ SafeZone app.

USQ has purchased a subscription to SafeZone, which is free for all staff and students to download on Apple and Android devices. SafeZone connects you directly with the USQ Campus Security team or emergency services.

The USQ Campus Security team work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week patrolling the University grounds and providing security protection services to staff and students at Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield campuses.

This is a safety app for your phone which allows you to request assistance from USQ Campus Security easily and discreetly.

Once you tap any of the First Aid, Assistance or Emergency buttons, the Campus Security team are notified of your location on campus.  The Campus Security team will attempt to call or message you through the private two way chat room built into the app, while simultaneously sending Security personnel to assist you. The app also allows USQ Campus Security to send you notifications in the event of an emergency.

The SafeZone app does not track your location unless you request assistance.

For more information, how SafeZone works.

Coverage areas

A menu option in the app will show you the SafeZone boundaries set by your Campus Security team.

USQ SafeZone boundaries are specific to USQ campuses and sites as well as the inter-campus shuttle bus route. If you are within the defined boundaries and using the app, USQ Campus Security can respond to your alarm or call. These areas are:

  • Toowoomba Campus
  • Ipswich Campus
  • Springfield Campus
  • Queensland College of Wine and Tourism (QCWT)
  • Mount Kent Observatory
  • Inter-campus shuttle bus route

If you use USQ SafeZone outside of the specific USQ boundaries, the app will ask if you wish to call the 000 emergency number.

Downloading and registering

 download on the Apple storeget it on Google Play

SafeZone has been configured to utilise USQ's Single Sign-On authentication protocol. You do not need a separate username and password to use the app.

It is highly recommended that you configure the app as soon as possible after installation, so that it is ready for use in an emergency.

To configure, follow these steps:

  1. After opening the app, enter your USQ email address. The app will then direct you to a USQ sign-on screen.
  2. Enter your USQ username and password.
  3. Check your details in the user profile screen. Your phone number may be used by Campus Security to call you in response to an alert activation.
  4. Select a region. This ensures that the appropriate Campus Security team are notified of your alert. Select the region (i.e. campus) that you most frequently attend.

Your phone settings

As the app notifies USQ Campus Security of your location when activated by the user, Location Services on your device must be enabled to use the SafeZone app.

SafeZone’s use of location services has been designed to minimise battery use, and does not track your location unless you activate an alert, or check-in manually.

When downloading the SafeZone App, you must agree to the End-User Licence Agreement.


All information you provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Privacy Laws. SafeZone does not track or send your location until you activate an alert or make a call for assistance.

For more information, please read the Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about SafeZone, please review the FAQs.


SafeZone at USQ

Providing you with a safe and secure work environment is central our culture. Find out how you can use this free app to request assistance with just a few taps.

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