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Pool Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions




Leading Hand (Fleet)

+61 7 4631 2961
0457 205 147

Facilities Management

+61 7 4631 2627

Security Office Toowoomba

+61 7 4631 2871

Security Office Ipswich

+61 7 3812 6060

Security Office Springfield

+61 7 3470 4444

Who can use a pool vehicle?

Pool vehicles may be used by staff members and authorised PhD students for travel on University business. Drivers are to be in possession of a current drivers licence valid for driving in Queensland.

How do I book a pool vehicle?

Staff members can self-register using your USQ credentials at PoolCar. The welcome screen asks you to provide you relevant license details, a default cost center, project code (optional) and to select an appropriate line manager using the drop down box. The line manager will receive an email asking them to verify the license details are correct. This simply requires you to show your license to your manager so they can check the details match what you entered on the welcome screen. Once satisfied the manager clicks the link in the email to approve the users license. The user is then able to make bookings from the "New Booking" link inside PoolCar.

How do I know if my booking was successful?

When you make your booking, you will receive a confirmation email and a booking number. If you do not receive this email, you should contact Transport  to verify your booking.

Can my passengers share the driving?

Passengers who will be sharing driving duties must be separately registered as a Smartfleet user. These passengers must be noted in the comments of your booking.

When can I book vehicles?

You may book and collect pool vehicles from any campus 24/7.

For collections or returns outside these hours, please note the following:

  • Toowoomba – vehicles are not kept in a secure compound and are available for collection or return 24/7
  • Ipswich – please contact Security to arrange access
  • Springfield – vehicles are not kept in a secure compound and are available for collection or return 24/7

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes, refer to the edit/cancel booking guide, which is available here:

If you fail to cancel or collect your booking after your booked time, a $25 late cancellation fee applies.

NOTE: There is a 15 minute window either side of your nominated start time to either collect/cancel/edit your booking. If there has been no action on your booking 15 minutes after your nominated start time your booking will be cancelled and you will need to create a new booking.

Can someone else book a car for me or collect/return the vehicle?

No, USQ does not allow Smartfleet users to share log in details or passwords. You may share driving with your passenger but only if they are also registered with Smartfleet and noted on your booking.

How much does a pool vehicle hire cost?

Pool vehicle hire charges start from $14 per hour to the nearest 15 minutes up to a maximum of $91 per day inclusive of fuel costs.

Where is the pool compound?

Our pool vehicles are located:

  • Toowoomba – across from building O2
  • Ipswich – V block
  • Springfield – Carpark 2, off University Drive

How do I collect the keys?

PoolCar is a keyless booking system. The keys are kept in the glovebox of the vehicle. To access the vehicle you must have a valid booking and arrive in the booking opening window of 15 minutes prior to or after the nominated booking start time. When you arrive at the vehicle tap your staff card on the windscreen at the reader and the vehicle will unlock. 

What if I forget my ID card?

All bookings require the driver to have their ID card to access the vehicle.

If you have a booking and have forgotten your ID card you will not be able to access the vehicle as the car reader needs to scan your ID to unlock the vehicle.

If you are unable to present your ID card to the car reader before the bookings time out (see How do I collect the keys?) the system will automatically cancel your booking.

You would then need to create a new booking.

How do I return the vehicle and keys?

Return your vehicle to the same location you collected if from.

Park the vehicle, remove all your personal belongings, and place the keys in the glovebox. 

After you have exited the vehicle and closed all the doors tap your staff card on the card reader.

This will lock the car and complete your booking.

What if my card doesn’t work and I can’t access the vehicle?

If during normal business hours, you are unable to access your vehicle you should go to:

  • Toowoomba – Facilities Management Administration in O2
  • Ipswich – Security office
  • Springfield – Security office

If after hours, you should call the Security office and they will be able to manually access the vehicle.

Do I need to re-fuel the vehicle?

Yes, our vehicles must be fully refuelled before returning them. If you don’t, you may be asked to come and refuel it or be charged a fee.

Where do I refuel?

All of our vehicles may be refuelled at any Caltex branded service station. There is a Caltex fuel card in the centre console or glove box. You will need to provide the following to the operator before the purchase is approved:

  • PIN Code (noted on the inside of the fuel flap on the vehicle)
  • Odometer reading

Our vehicles are mainly diesels but double check the fuel type on the fuel cap before refuelling. Fuel dockets are to be left in the vehicle.

What if I put the wrong fuel in the car?

Do NOT start the car.

Call the Leading Hand (Fleet) or Facilities Management Administration. If after-hours, please call the breakdown service provider noted on the key ring and request that the vehicle be towed to their workshop.

What if I have an accident and need towing?

There is an Accident Procedure Guide in the glovebox.

Our insurer is CGU (Phone: 132 480)

They can also arrange towing for you if required. The University holds Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance on its motor vehicles. This covers the cost of damage to our vehicles, other motor vehicles and property resulting from an accident involving University owned vehicles.

Currently a standard excess of $500 applies to all claims, with the Faculty/Department to which the vehicle is assigned/booked being responsible for the charge.

All vehicle damage/incidents need to be reported through USQ UniHIRTS and also emailed to Transport.

What if I am running late returning my car?

You should contact the Leading Hand (Fleet) or Facilities Management Administration so they can edit your return time and advise the next user of a possible delay.

What if I break down or get a flat tyre?

The University holds corporate membership with the RACQ, which provides a breakdown service to nominated University owned vehicles. An RACQ Fleet Care tag showing assistance contact details, the Fleet Name and Service number is attached to each set of vehicle keys.

You may be asked by the operator for further information like:

  • Vehicle type and registration;
  • Vehicle colour, location of vehicle; and
  • Problem with vehicle.

On return to campus, please advise the Leading Hand (Fleet) or Facilities Management Administration of any problems the vehicle incurred during your trip.

What if get a speeding or parking fine?

All parking and traffic infringements are the responsibility of the user, and will be assigned to you if received.