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Desktop items

How to place documents

Poorly placed documents on the desk may lead to muscle discomfort or eye strain. An angled reading/writing board or document holder can improve neck posture when reading or writing for significant periods. A document holder helps prevent frequent up and down neck movements and frequent changes of focal distance. It should be positioned:

  • the same distance from your eyes,
  • in a level position beside the screen, or
  • directly below the screen just above the keyboard.


If frequently used, telephones should be positioned within the primary working zone to reduce repetitive reaching.

Avoid cradling the telephone between your head and shoulder when answering calls. Telephone headsets should be used when there is sustained telephone use or workers are required to write or use the computer at the same time. Wireless headsets or appropriate corded headsets allow the user to stand up and move around their work station at suitable times between calls. Use hands-free/speaker phone capabilities if the environment is suitable.