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Mouse and pointing devices

When using a mouse or other pointing devices such as track pads, styluses, tablets and trackballs:

  • keep the device at the same height and as close to the keyboard as possible. Ensure elbow is bent and close to the body.
  • ensure the mouse fits comfortably in the hand to minimise any undue pressure on the wrist and forearm.
  • consider operating the device with the non-dominant hand to relieve overuse of dominant hand.
  • set the tracking speed of the pointer to suit the user, the task and the number of monitors used.
  • have enough space and a flat smooth surface so that the wrist can be kept straight.
  • take hands off the keyboard and mouse when not in use. This assists in reducing muscle fatigue from hovering over the equipment.
  • take regular breaks from the computer to do other jobs that don’t involve using pointing devices.
  • use keyboard shortcuts to decrease use of the device.