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Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) are elected by USQ workers to ensure effective consultation and communication between workers and management and to assist in the implementation of WHS Policies and Procedures. All HSRs are entitled to be a member of their representative safety sub-committee, however selected divisional HSRs will also be nominated as members of the University Safety Committee. Each work unit will also have a Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC) assigned to provide safety advice and guidance.


Elected HSRs 


Safety Representatives

Workplace Health & Safety


 Office of the Vice-Chancellor       Rob Holmes 
 Governance       Rob Holmes
 Enterprise Services  David Mason    
 Campus Services  Mary McGilvray    Caitlin Isaac 
     Joel Davis   
     Catherine Kelly   
     Raymond Lammas   
     Shane Callaghan   
    Samara Hoffmann  
    Kellie Watson   
    Allen Clifford   
    Adam Gollan   
    Brad Green   
    Christine Burge   
Financial Services   

Tammy Baird 

Cassandra Fraser

Caitlin Isaac
Human Resources    Michelle Patterson  Caitlin Isaac
Planning and Performance Support Services     Caitlin Isaac
Corporate Records     Kaye England  Caitlin Isaac
ICT Services    David Mason  Caitlin Isaac
Research and Innovation   Vacant 

 Tarek Ahmad 

Chuanyu Wei 

Caitlin Isaac 
Office of Research   

 Kerry Hancock 

Sarah Wright 

Centre for Future Materials   

Martin Geach 

Xuesen Zeng 

Centre for Agricultural Engineering   

 Majella Bathurst 

Jochen Eberhard 

Centre for Astrophysics   

Brad Carter 

Duncan Wright 

 Centre for Heritage and Culture   

Janani Pinidiyapathirage 

Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research   

Sunil Panchal 

Naga Koteswara Rao Ghattamaneni 

Rural Economies Centre of Excellence     Vacant   
Centre for Crop Health   

Katelynn Hadzi 

Lauren Huth 

Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems   

Benjamin Allen 

Alla Marchuk 

 Centre for Applied Climate Sciences   

Dr Christa Pudmenzky 

Dr Duc-Anh 

Students and Communities  Sarah Austin     
Student Management      Rob Holmes 
Residential Colleges      Rob Holmes 
Student Success and Wellbeing      Rob Holmes 

Academic Division 

Education Portfolio 

Belinda Gilbert    Rob Holmes 
Library Services  

Jenny Young 

Stephanie Piper 

OALT    Elizabeth Cook   

Lorna Douglas

Leia Grimsey 

Digital Life Lab   Belinda Gilbert   
Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts Ray Hingst 

Nick Erbacher 

Vanessa James

Caitlin Isaac 
Creative Arts  

David Usher
Mark Millett
Ashley Jones 
Shaun Kelly
Rebecca Scollen


  Rebecca Klein Caitlin Isaac 
Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences 


  Rob Holmes 
Health and Sciences  Morwenna Boddington

Angela Teys
Annissa O'Shea
Dennis Walker
Graeme Russell
Joanna Turner 
Lauren Huth
Mark Lynch
Pat McConnell
Susan Gibson 

Rob Holmes
Engineering and Surveying   Les Bowtell  Adrian Blockland
Brett Richards
Don Harvey
Graeme Russell
Joanna Turner 
Majella Bathurst 
Martin Geach
Melissa Jarick
Soma Sundareswaran
Terry Byrne 
Weena Lokuge
 Rob Holmes
Ipswich Campus  Matthew Jackson    Rob Holmes
Springfield Campus      Rob Holmes
Student representative Debra Brimcombe