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Procurement guidance

The Procurement and Purchasing Procedure sets out the processes required to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation under which the University is bound, ensuring that value for money is efficiently and effectively obtained within an environment that has an overriding principal of ethical Procurement.

  • For purchases over $15,000 guidance notes, offer templates, contract and associated documents have been developed to assist with their correct selection and use
  • Administration includes various tools to assist throughout the Procurement process including exemptions, risk assessments and significant procurement plans
  • Tenders (Listing of current tenders/standing offers).

*This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from Adobe. Users who are unable to access information in PDF should contact Financial Services (telephone +61 7 4631 1557) to obtain this information in an alternative format.