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Resources and guides for supervisors

Starting a new job can not only be a daunting experience for a new employee, it can also be a stressful time for their supervisors. To assist with preparing for the commencement of a new staff member, and to ensure all aspects of compliance are met, a structured induction and onboarding program should be followed to ensure the new employee feels welcomed and supported on their first day, and that their supervisor is aware of their responsibilities during this time.

The induction and orientation process at USQ has been designed to orientate, educate and integrate new employees into their position, their team, and the wider university community. It also is a powerful tool to help pave a positive path for their early career development. USQ’s induction and onboarding process has been broken down into four key stages as outlined in the diagram below. Further information on each of these stages can be found in the ‘Supervisors Guide to Induction and Onboarding’ located in the list of resources below .

 Induction resources for supervisors

Resources for supervisors

Supervisors guides

The ‘Supervisors Guide to Induction and Onboarding' (PDF 524KB) intends to provide supervisors with helpful hints to assist with the Induction and Onboarding process and to further explore the activities and responsibilities within each stage of the process. The guide also provides information on the difference between induction and onboarding, why it is important, who participates in the program, compliance requirements, timeframes and internal processes. 

The 'Supervisor Handbook' has been designed to provide you with some useful tips, information and resources which may assist you in your supervisory position at USQ. The information in this handbook aims to compliment your current skills, knowledge and abilities. 


An ‘Employee Induction and Onboarding Checklist' (DOC 41KB)  has been developed to help guide supervisors through the key activities that need to be undertaken prior to the new employee’s commencement, and further activities that need to take place during their first three months.

Policy and procedure

The Performance, Development and Recognition Policy, along with the Employee Induction and Onboarding Procedure, outlines the framework and guidelines associated with USQ’s induction and onboarding program.

Induction and onboarding webpage

The ‘Induction for new employees' webpage provides both employees and supervisors with a wide range of information to assist during this phase. Please ensure both yourself and your new employee look through this information, it will also provide you with an idea of further information you will need to provide to your staff in regards to work area specific information.

Training for supervisors

A number of development workshops are available to assist supervisors. To visit the full suite of development opportunities offered please visit HR Learning and Development or HR Self Service. Supervisors are encouraged to contact the HR Learning and Development team for specific training enquiries, to seek advice around suitable workshop recommendations and/or to discuss future involvement in our Management and Leadership Development specific flagship programs.


Please contact your HR Client Services team member for any questions.