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Development Programs

Leading Self

The Leading Self program is designed to build a strong sense of self in order to optimise professional relationships, sustain wellbeing, harness emotional energy and grow in one's practice.

Leading Others

In 2019, the Leading Others program will have an overall emphasis on increasing Emotional Intelligence to increase performance.  The program will specifically focus on building leadership skills in order to foster innovation and creative, inclusive work environments. 

Academic Development Program

USQ’s Academic Development program provides support to women in Academic positions who are seeking development opportunities to foster the advancement of their careers within the next one to three years.


Executive development grant

The Executive development grant is designed to connect, align and enable our senior leaders to meet the goals and challenges of the University by building their leadership and professional capability through a personalised and tailored approach.

Professional development grants

The Professional development grants provide senior women in professional roles with an opportunity to acquire funding to support their participation in external learning opportunities that best suit their ongoing professional and individual development needs, with a particular focus on the development of management and/or leadership capabilities.

Senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander development grant

For more information please contact the Diversity and Inclusion team

Online Resources

Supervisor Handbook

Designed by Human Resources, this handbook is intended to provide you with some useful tips, information and resources which may assist you in your supervisory position at USQ. The information contained within this handbook aims to compliment your current skills, knowledge and abilities and does not supersede or replace any training required as part of your role.

The Power of Recognition

A short video on the power of recognition.

Key Capability Workshops

The following workshops are available in 2019. To view session details and register for a workshop please visit My Training via HR Self Service.

Communicating for Leadership Success

This workshop helps leaders communicate effectively so they can spark action in others. Participants will learn the Interaction Essentials they need to handle the variety of challenges and opportunities they encounter every day in the workplace and beyond.  

Fierce Conversations

This workshop will inform participants on how to have a ‘fierce conversation’ which will foster open and transparent communication in the workplace. It will cover five modules comprising the Fierce Conversations Training Program including the foundation level, team conversations, coaching conversations, delegation conversations and confrontation conversations.

Recruitment and Selection Skills

This workshop will address the key elements of the recruitment and selection process including how to attract the best candidates, shortlist applicants, plan and prepare for an interview, conduct an interview, evaluate performance and make a decision.