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USQ Salon Series

Exploring ideas through conversation

Why USQ Salon?

While many of us may connect the word 'salon' with a beauty treatment, however, in historical Italy and France and indeed throughout Europe a Salon was a gathering of people with the aim to increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. It was an important place for the exchange of ideas.

That is the purpose of  the USQ Salon series - to provide an opportunity to;

  • showcase vibrant intellectual conversation within USQ and to the external community
  • enable scholarly discourse within USQ on all things pertinent to USQ’s future and functions
  • engender conversation, new ideas and promote opportunities for discussion of key issues
  • discuss controversial and challenging ideas and
  • encourage interactivity.

While the series would be hosted/facilitated by Academic Services Division it is a whole of USQ event. The USQ Salon speakers will be people internal or external to USQ and can be arranged by any area of the University and added to the schedule.

For more information about how you can participate in this series email: or via Twitter: #USQSalon

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