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16 May 2017: USQ steps up to protects its computers from worldwide cyberattack
The University of Southern Queensland has acted quickly to prevent the worldwide computer virus 'WannaCry; infecting the University's multi-million dollar computer network: Read more.

26 April 2017: Telepresence robots give online students a seat in the classroom
With distance (online) education becoming more desired by students, USQ Head of School (Teacher Education and Early ChildhoodProfessor Stephen Winn said it was only a matter of time before technologies such as telepresence robots are completely integrated into classrooms to solve challenges in online engagement. Read more.

24 March 2017: Free course offers insight into Higher Education
To celebrate Open Education Week 2017, USQ will offer a new style "coffee course” for those wanting to know more about Open Education. Styled along successful overseas programs where similar coffee style courses have had very positive reviews, the 15 minute online discussion will give an introduction to open education practices being rolled out across Australian universities. Read more.

23 February 2017: New Academic Orientation leaves participants wanting more.
A new approach to USQ's orientation sessions for new teaching academics has left participants wanting more. Read more. 

16 February 2017: Library welcomes community to Makerspace
Libraries around the world have undergone great change to meet the needs of local communities in a digital age. In addition to housing books, most libraries are now hubs of technology providing access to vast digital resources. The USQ Makerspace is an example of that space: Read more.

13 February 2017: USQ Guide for using Social Media in Learning and Teaching
On behalf of the Academic Services Division, the USQ Guide for using Social Media in Learning and Teaching has been launched. This Guide includes the experiences of, and advice from nine lecturers at USQ who have used social media specifically for learning and teaching as well as guidelines on USQ’s approach to social media use. Read more.


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