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2020 Grants for Embedded Learning and Teaching Strategy (GELTS)

Category 1 – Applying digital innovation to courses and program

Dr Linda Ng (Team leader), Associate Professor Sonya Osborne and Mrs Jan Walker

Title: Interactive online workbooks for nursing skills: Using digital innovation to develop authentic learning opportunities in the Bachelor of Nursing program.

Category 2 – Increasing student engagement in the course experience (on-campus, online or blended)

Associate Professor Rachel King (Team leader), Ms Taryn Axelsen and Dr Catriona Croton

Title: An innovative formative and summative e-assessment framework and intervention guide to improve effective student engagement and retention in an introductory statistics course.

Category 3 – Embedding employability and career perspectives in courses and programs

Professor Odette Best (Team leader), Mrs Vicki-Ellen Horner and Dr Aletha Ward

Title: Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety across the Bachelor of Nursing Program.

Previous Learning and Teaching Grant recipients