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2019 Grants for Embedded Learning and Teaching Strategy (GELTS)

Category 1 – Applying digital innovation to courses and programs

Ms Lisa Sylvester (Team leader) and Associate Professor Caroline Hart 
Title: The game of statutory interpretation: Using gamification strategies to enhance student engagement, understanding, knowledge, and application of statutory interpretation in their first year.

Dr Carol du Plessis (Team leader), Mr Nathan BeelDr Nancey Hoare and Dr Tanya Machin
Title: The Counselling Lab: An online counselling environment allowing for easy scheduling, recording and evaluating of counselling roleplays.

Category 2 – Increasing student engagement in the course experience (on-campus, online or blended)

Dr Carla Jeffries (Team leader), Dr Nancey HoareDr Tanya Machin and Mr James Brown
Title: Increasing student engagement with, and proficiency in using APA style through the development of an interactive online learning tool.

Category 3 – Embedding employability and career perspectives in courses and programs

Associate Professor Noeleen McNamara (Team leader) and Dr Kerstin Braun
Title: “Career conversations in law” – embedding legal career perspectives into first year law courses through a video interview series of legal professionals.

Dr Marita Basson (Team leader), Mr Michael Healy and Mrs Paula Grant
Title: Embedding networking skills in the USQ planning curriculum as a Careers and Employability Learning (CEL) approach to enhance post-graduate employment in a constrained industry.

Dr Greg Jones (Team leader) and Dr Claire Beattie
Title: Training resources to assist student’s certification as a Xero advisor: Micro credentialing.

Previous Learning and Teaching Grant recipients