2018 Learning and Teaching Citations

Widening Participation category

Dr Susan Hopkins
Title: For the leadership, development, implementation and evaluation of the Life Literacies education, support and information package and approach to tertiary preparation for low socio-economic students.

Early Career Teacher category

Melissa Fanshawe
Title: For enabling students to find fun and enjoyment in the learning of mathematics: Ways to foster a growth mindset approach to support student learning.

Employability in the Curriculum category

Careers in Food Science team 
Dr Polly Burey (Lead applicant)
Team members: Luke StephensonBen Meares and Jason Myatt
Title: For development of industry‚Äźlinked resources and relationships to help undergraduate and prospective students grow into highly sought-after food science graduates.

Dr Syed Shams
Title: For empowering students to embrace the world of finance: Employing participatory personalised learning modalities that foster real-life learning opportunities towards employability in the business disciplines.

Leanne Dooley
Title: For enhancing skills development and boosting the confidence and employability of future medical laboratory scientists through online student-to-student storytelling and on-campus laboratory-based residential schools.

Professor Retha Wiesner
Title: For helping, enabling, supporting and guiding women to start and grow their businesses or community ventures in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

Online Learning Innovation category

Dr Katie Burke
Title: For sustained excellence in facilitating a pedagogy of care in a creative fully online classroom that brings artistry and personality to the student experience.

Students as Partners category

Dr Beata Batorowicz and her student partner – Ellie Coleman
Title: For enacting students as partners initiatives, collaborating with Creative Arts industry professionals to develop students' exhibition skills and networks, launching immersive careers for student artists.