2018 USQ Staff Scholarships for Open Education

Helping research students understand ethical research principles and complete quality ethics applications by the development of online open e-learning modules

Dr Tanya Machin (team leader), Associate Professor Charlotte Brownlow, and Annmaree Jackson

Our project aims to help research students and staff enhance their own ethical understandings as applied to their own research project. We will be developing open, online modules that will take them through topics such as: research methodology and risks and benefits; recruitment and data collection; collection, use, and management of data and information; research merit, integrity, and monitoring requirements; and communication of research findings. Each module will have interactive activities, additional resources, and opportunities to test knowledge.

Opening Eyes onto Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Susan Carter (team leader), Associate Professor Lindy Abawi, Associate Professor Charlotte Brownlow, Megan Cooper, Dr Renee Desmarchelier, Dr Kathryn Gilbey, Professor Jill Lawrence, and Dr Michelle Turner

In Australia and internationally much still needs to occur to promote inclusive practices in education and society with many educators not feeling equipped to recognise or appreciate diversity or cater effectively for inclusion (Hardy & Woodcock, 2015). It is into this space that a USQ team of eight researchers and academics intends to contribute an open textbook "Opening Eyes onto Diversity and Inclusion". With embedded audio–visual components, the Open Textbook is designed to enhance the quality of the reader experience with each chapter comprising part of the overall picture puzzle of inclusion in society. Readers answer questions on culture, special learning needs, varied educational contexts, gender diversity and more. The readers can use their responses to develop an individualised picture of their own learning. The key expected outcome of this project is the creation of an open textbook that engages readers to make meaning of inclusion and diversity and to apply their learning to their own individual contexts.