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USQ Salon series

The USQ Salon series objective is the exchanging of ideas; where participants have opportunity to:

  • showcase vibrant intellectual conversation within USQ and to the external community
  • enable scholarly discourse within USQ on all things pertinent to USQ’s future and functions
  • engender conversation, new ideas and promote opportunities for discussion of key issues
  • discuss controversial and challenging ideas
  • encourage interactivity.

This whole of USQ event series hosts both USQ and external speakers, with no registration necessary. Any area of the University wishing to add a speaker to the schedule should email

The series is recorded and available within one week of the presentation.

Upcoming USQ Salon

Educational Futures: Looking Forward By Looking Back

Bill Wade

You can submit a question during the seminar broadcast via the chat option in the Livestream.

Alternatively contact the USQ Salon team: