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Completing Record Forms for Print and Graphic Copying

Record keeping for print and graphic copying

  • The Record Keeping Form (PDF 28 KB) must be used to record all hard-copy and electronic copying/communication done in reliance on Part VB of the Copyright Act.  
  • All departments and faculties should complete and retain these records at all times. 
  • During the sampling periods you will be required to forward the original completed Record Keeping Forms to the legal office for those months included in the sampling period only. 

If you are arranging licensed copies to be made by a central printing or other service outside your department, you must still substantially complete a Record Keeping Form (PDF 28 KB) to accompany your copying request.  The copying facility will finalise the Record Keeping Form by adding the date of copying and number of copies made.

Marking of hardcopy licensed copies

Each licensed copy, or any container in which it is kept, must be marked.  This will require you to:

  • affix a stamp (sample below) to the first page of the copy or the container in which the copy is kept;
  • insert the date on which the copy was made;and
  • circle the section of the Act under which the copy was made.

Sample Stamp:
Made for University of Southern Queensland
under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968
in reliance on (circle one of the following):
s135ZJ (articles contained in a periodical)
s135ZK (work contained in an anthology)
s135ZL (any other print or graphic copying)
on [date]......../......../........

If you make several licensed copies, each copy must be marked in this way.
If you are copying material for inclusion in a coursepack, and all the works contained in the coursepack are copied under the same section of the Act, one stamp on the front page of the coursepack will be sufficient.  If the coursepack contains works copied under different sections of the Act or a mixture of licensed and non-licensed copies, each licensed copy must be marked individually.