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Print and graphic copying

Part VB licence allows copying and communication for educational purposes within 'reasonable' limits

  • covers all copying/communicating of print and graphic work
  • allows multiple copies

Hardcopy licence

  • paper to paper
  • paper to electronic
  • copies must not be supplied for profit

Electronic reproduction and communication licence

  • digital to digital
  • digital to paper
  • communication in electronic form
  • USQ must take reasonable steps to ensure only entitled persons can access

Copying limits - hardcopy

  • up to 10% or 1 chapter (whichever is greater) of any literary or dramatic work
  • 10% of a musical work
  • all of an artistic work not separately published
  • the whole of any literary, dramatic or musical work not commercially available
  • one article in a periodical, more if on the same subject matter
  • the whole of a work in an anthology not longer than 15 pages

Copying limits - electronic form

  • the same limits apply, however the limits apply to the number of words
  • only 10% of a work may be available online at any one time
  • you must include the prescribed notice with the online material
  • notice must be on each copyright item

Copyright record keeping - hardcopy and electronic

Under the current sampling system all copyright records must be maintained for the following periods:-

1 October 2006 - 31 December 2006 and

1 January 2007 - 31 March 2007

The Record Keeping Form (PDF 28 KB) must be used to record all hard-copy and electronic copying and communicating during these periods done in reliance on Part VB of the Copyright Act (licensed copying). The original completed forms are to be forwarded to the Legal Office at the end of each month during the sampling periods. 

Failure to follow these Guidelines could lead to copyright infringement action.

The Print and Graphic Copying & Communication Guidelines cover the above issues in more detail.

The following flowcharts are available for easy reference:

Note:  Linked documents are in Microsoft Word format