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Organising student study groups (Meet-up)

Meet-Up is a peer-assisted learning program that is offered online and on-campus. The program aims to provide assistance to students through the development of their academic learning skills, an understanding of discipline concepts and a sense of learning community. 

This support is provided in on-campus sessions and/or online environments in a structured, social learning environment by trained student leaders who facilitate activities, exercises, problems, or practice opportunities that have been planned in collaboration with lecturing staff. Leaders also offer study advice based on their own learning experience.

The program also aims to contribute to the establishment of a body of student leaders at the University and assist with the development of student leadership skills. 

The objectives of course-based Meet-Up are to:

  • provide a social learning platform where students can engage with their peers
  • help students develop the academic learning skills needed for success in their chosen discipline
  • provide students with useful and successful study strategies and techniques
  • develop leadership skills in student leaders
  • provide feedback to academic staff on students’ needs and expectations
  • serve as an explicit example of USQ and Faculty support for students

Coordinator (Peer Learning)