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USQ Salon - What works with Work Integrated Learning - Online

11 AUG 2020
11.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Professor Christy Colis

Christy Collis is a tertiary educator with a commitment to employability-focussed authentic learning and teaching. Christy has a track record of industry-engaged curriculum design and leadership. Christy is a Associate Director (Academic Development) in the Office for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching at USQ and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Christy’s career is underpinned by an understanding that it is the job of the university and its educators to connect: to connect students with opportunities beyond the classroom, to connect high-level academic research with its applications, and to foster a connected community of learning.


Work-integrated learning –in which students apply their learning in real industry settings—is a powerful learning modality. In disciplines such as Engineering, Education, and Nursing students have long undertaken work-integrated learning as a core component of the curriculum, and a requirement for professional registration. In recent years, more and more disciplines have embraced the positive learning and employability benefits made possible through work-integrated learning. The expansion of work-integrated learning engenders both challenges and opportunities.  

In this Salon presentation, Professor Christy Collis investigates some of the challenges for work-integrated learning in Australia today. These include: increased competition for placements, quality assurance issues associated with large-scale work-integrated learning programs, the entry of third-party providers into the market, and the lack of strong government support for work-integrated learning. There are also significant opportunities ahead for work-integrated learning, such as the emergence of fully online work-integrated learning programs which are preparing students for the digital jobs of the future, the development of innovative institutional approaches to work-integrated learning, and, perhaps most importantly, the potential for work-integrated learning to generate deep insights into industry dynamics. 

Based on her experiences founding and leading a work-integrated learning program which now sees over 900 students per year undertake industry placements, Collis explores possible futures for work-integrated learning.

Date: 11 August
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Zoom

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