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Future bright for USQ solar project

Man in safety gear standing in front of solar panels
McNab leading hand Paul McIntosh fitting solar panels during stage one of the USQ Solar Array project
USQ staff are feeling a lot cooler this week with the first stage of the University’s solar panelling completed, covering a section of one of USQ Toowoomba’s largest carparks.

Stage one of the $6 million Sustainable Energy Solution project continues which will see roof mounted solar panelling collectors and battery storage systems installed across the campus.

The completed project, spanning USQ Toowoomba, USQ Springfield and USQ Ipswich, will help the University reduce its electricity costs and cut down on its daytime grid electricity consumption. It will also significantly lower USQ’s total carbon emissions (by 20 percent).

USQ has established a comprehensive green strategy to minimise its environmental impact by considering how its carbon emissions, energy, water and waste can be better managed.

“The solar solution delivers not only a measurable reduction in short and long-term grid energy consumption, resulting in reduced carbon emissions, but it also provides a significant platform for research, learning and teaching,” said USQ Executive Director (Campus Services) Dr Dave Povey.

The Sustainable Energy Solution project is being live streamed from the USQ Toowoomba carpark ( For further information, visit