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RUN student success project

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USQ’s commitment to student success and improving student outcomes will be highlighted during a presentation at USQ Toowoomba on June 21.

In 2016, the Regional Universities Network (RUN) established a Student Success Innovation Cluster, which saw each RUN institution undertake a project that focused on a different aspect of student success.

The aim of the USQ project was to explore approaches for designing, developing and implementing an integrated student support service model within the University. The project involved two interconnected and interrelated case studies.

The first case study explored the experiences of staff and students of the ‘one stop shop’ physical student service point at USQ Ipswich.

The second case study explored the ‘Enrolments Session’ program that is a core feature of the newly introduced Late Enrolments and Admissions Framework (LEAF) project.

Both case studies will be discussed during the presentation, titled ‘Enabling student success through an integrated service model: A USQ case study’.

This session will provide details including findings and recommendations, as well as next steps, for the USQ project.