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USQ puts John on the path to a rewarding career

Man sitting
John Gilmour.

John Gilmour wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives when he commenced his studies at USQ.

Four years later, Mr Gilmour is combining his interest in research with his passion for psychology to help make a significant impact on the mental health of war veterans.

Since completing his Honours degree in Psychology last year, the USQ alumnus has been working as a research assistant at the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation.

The Foundation is well-known for its ground-breaking research into the long-term physical impact of post-traumatic stress disorder on veterans.

“The Foundation does amazing work supporting our veterans and is committed to a better understanding of PTSD using findings from world-first research,” Mr Gilmour said.

“The project I am currently working on explores how PTSD is measured and diagnosed in veterans.

“The research will have practical benefits in helping healthcare professionals around the world better understand and treat the physical disorders of PTSD.”

Mr Gilmour initially wanted to become a clinical psychologist, but developed a thirst for research during his time at USQ Springfield and USQ Ipswich.

“I am very fortunate I got to work with so many great staff members at USQ on a number of research projects which made me realise how I could help change lives through research,” he said.

“Psychological research is very practical, useful and something I want to pursue further.

“I like the idea of coming up with a theory about something that has a real impact on people’s lives, then being able to explain the causes of different types of behaviour by analysing data and research findings.

“By exploring patterns of behaviour you can apply it across a large range of populations and situations.”

Mr Gilmour said university education provided the skills and opportunities to further his knowledge and make a real difference in society.

“The Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) program at USQ provided me with plenty of practical experience with a strong focus on real world skills in both research and clinical psychology,” he said.

“All of the experience I gained working on real research projects really helped build the skills I needed to land a job right out of uni.

“My next goal is I want to specialise in the psychology of social media. Social media is such a big part of modern society, so understanding how people talk online is an emerging and fascinating area of research.”