The studying parent’s guide to university

Did you know most USQ students don’t study on campus? More than 70 per cent of students opt for online.
13 Mar 2018

With a vibrant assortment of student backgrounds, enriching the USQ community with diversity, the University works hard to ensure each of its students are supported at every step of the learning journey.

USQ has released a new resource to help its students with more than just assignments to juggle – studying parents.

The Studying Parent’s Guide to Uni (Everything you want and need to know about adding study to the family mix) is a free eBook that provides advice, tips and techniques for parents who study or are considering study, by sharing the advice of current studying parents.

In addition to addressing different stages of the decision-making process and study experience, the eBook also includes resources such as videos, blogs and website links.

Toowoomba local and mother of two, Ina Mills is one of the many parents to have shared their own experiences of the highs, lows and reality of studying with a family.

“It was my children and the responsibility placed on me to provide the best life for them that was my drive to go to university,” Ms Mills said.

“If I’m honest, I was quite concerned whether or not I would be able to cope with everything, but after my first semester I surprised myself, and my family, with how well I did.

“Knowing that the opportunities for myself and my children will be much greater upon completion of my degree helps keep me motivated.”

The Bachelor of Business and Commerce student said being a good role model to her children turned out to be the most rewarding part of being a studying parent.

“We’re all on an educational journey together, my son at kindy, my daughter in primary school and myself at university,” she said.

“Although they’re young, they can see firsthand the importance of education.”

The Studying Parent’s Guide to Uni is a free eBook currently available for download at

Woman and child sitting at table
Ina Mills with her daughter, Armahli Rameka