Passion for science in graduate’s DNA

When considering his future, Jarra Grigg sees an endless world of opportunity ahead.

His passion for the science of everything – understanding and marvelling at how things work – has propelled him on an educational journey supported by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

Mr Grigg will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Biology) with Distinction at a USQ graduation ceremony on Friday, September 14, along with hundreds of fellow graduates from the University’s Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences (HES) and Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts (BELA).

Mr Grigg currently works at Toowoomba Base Hospital as a technician in the pathology laboratory and is excited by the vast range of options that lie ahead such as further education leading to medical practice or research.

“The world is changing so quickly and I want to be ready to seize interesting opportunities that arise. With all these different paths that are open to me, I’m excited!” he said.

Mr Grigg’s study focused on biomedical science - biochemistry, human physiology, and microbiology.

“If you think about it, the human body is a finely-tuned machine that could very easily not work. It's such a delicate system that has arisen through evolution to enable survival. We wouldn’t have survived if we weren't functional,” he said.

“I'm a fan of those moments where nature just blows your mind, and I have great admiration for the scientists who have worked to expand humanity’s understanding of these elegant and complex processes.

“Using the scientific method to solve problems when they arise in a system, such as the human body, is pretty incredible. That's why I enjoy working in pathology.”

As he prepares for a new adventure, Mr Grigg reflects on his study experience at USQ and the benefits of class sizes that allow greater access to lecturers and tutors.

“As our classes became more specialised, the groups became smaller and provided an even more personable environment,” he said.

“There would be an associate professor of microbiology sitting with us and we could ask any questions that we wanted.

“I really liked that about USQ. The smaller learning environment definitely helped in later years. I also liked that courses were focused on engaging in what we found interesting, and what our passions were in the field."

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What: USQ Toowoomba Graduation Ceremony – Education, Engineering and Built Environment, Health and Community, Sciences
When: Friday, September 14 2018, 10am
Where: Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre, USQ Toowoomba

What: USQ Toowoomba Graduation Ceremony – Business and Commerce, Creative Arts and Media, Humanities and Communication, Information Technology, Law and Justice
When: Friday, September 14 2018, 2pm
Where: Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre, USQ Toowoomba

man smiling
Jarra Grigg will graduate from USQ on Friday 14th September.