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  • Confirmation of Candidature: Candidate - Kara-lee Hockey

Confirmation of Candidature: Candidate - Kara-lee Hockey

Psychometric Properties of a Computerised Neurocognitive Test for Use in Sports-Related Concussion.

Date: 26 June 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Venue: Ipswich - H301, or via Zoom
Contact: For more information, please contact the Graduate Research School.
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Cognitive testing is considered a ‘cornerstone’ of the diagnosis following a Sport-related concussion (SRC). Computerized cognitive assessment measures have been developed for the purposes of assessing the severity of the injury across client neurocognitive domains such as visual memory, reaction time, and processing speed. Commercially available programs at times have questionable psychometric properties and can place a significant cost burden on organisations limiting their dissemination to community sporting groups. The current research seeks to contribute to the field of sport-related concussion by providing standardized data on a computerized neurocognitive assessment measure, called HeadSmart, that has been developed to remedy the weaknesses identified in other test measures.