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  • Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Catherine Hou

Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Catherine Hou

Chinese International Students’ L2 Acquisition Motivation and Learning Experience in ELICOS Sector of Registered Training Organizations in Australia

Date: 21 July 2021
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Venue: Online
Contact: For more information, please contact the Graduate Research School.
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A registered training organisation (RTO) is a training provider which is registered by Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver Vocational Education and Training services. Overseas students choose English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses in RTOs for a variety of reasons. Chinese students were the largest cohort and accounted for 17% of ELICOS students in 2013. However, there are quite limit research on the ELICOS sectors in RTOs in Australia. The 
findings will contribute to several fields, such as L2 acquisition motivation theory, ELICOS sector in vocational education, and Chinese students’ L2 acquisition situation. The results may also be important to provide information to teaching practice and the pedagogy.