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Bachelor of Arts (BART)


Study Mode
  • On-campus
  • Online

  • Semester 1 (February)
  • Semester 2 (July)
  • Semester 3 (November)

Number of Units
  • 24 units

  • 3 year/s or part-time equivalent

  • Springfield
  • Toowoomba

This program is currently being re-accredited and is as a consequence likely to undergo some changes.
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Explore and experience

The Bachelor of Arts at USQ is a dynamic degree that allows you to choose from a wide range of specialties. This degree gives you the opportunity to explore international relations, humanities, communication, literature, history, public relations, indigenous studies, and access in-depth knowledge and experience in our lecturers.  A degree in Arts at USQ will allow you to:

  • access lecturers with decades of experience in their chosen fields
  • benefit from networks of contacts in industry before you graduate
  • gain experience in critical thinking, and
  • give you real-world applications for your knowledge.

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