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  • USQ Aviations students in flight simulator.


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The Qantas Group Future Pilot Program is available to high-achieving USQ students studying the Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations).


The aviation industry is in an expansion phase, with airlines and other aviation related businesses growing, the requirement for skilled aviation professionals both in the air and on the ground will continue to increase. Much of the rapid growth is in specific areas of the world including Asia and the Middle East; and graduates should consider seeking jobs in the International market to take full advantage of the growth in these areas.

  • By 2037 the aviation industry will need more than 2.4 million new aviation personnel (Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook, 2018).
  • Take advantage of superior industry experience, with highly trained staff including current and recent Airline, Australian Defence Force and Instructor Pilots and managers.
  • Absorb a comprehensive industry overview in the first semester within the Bachelor of Aviation, and then choose to pursue either flight operations or management majors.
  • Experience full control and begin flight training in your first year as part of the flight operations stream.

Note: The pilot qualifications obtained by students in the Flight Operations major is a minimum licensing requirement in Australia and employers may have additional requirements.  Other countries and airlines may require pilot qualifications to be converted or transferred and may prescribe other requirements or qualifications.

Career opportunities

Pursue a career as a professional pilot or work in other aviation related roles such as aviation operations, human resources, airport and airline operations, tourism or rural farming operations. 

Find out how to become a:

Qantas Group Future Pilot Program

The Future of Aviation Guide: Job Prospects and Trends (2018)

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