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Computer programmer

What is it like to be a Computer programmer?

Computer programmers apply their knowledge of programming languages to design and implement computer programs, including the installation, testing and writing of programs, as well as carrying out problem solving associated with programs.

Computer programmers work in a variety of settings including large corporations, government institutions, the communication sector, healthcare, private companies and businesses, and IT firms.

Other titles for a computer programmer include programmer, developer, analyst developer and analyst programmer.

For more information about a career as an Computer programmer, visit the Job Outlook website.

Employment level (thousands)

This data shows historical and projected employment levels (thousands) for this occupation. Data should be used as a guide only. Where exact job data has not been available, data from a related field has been used. Source: ABS Labour Force Survey.

Average weekly total cash earnings (before tax)

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Is it right for me?

Computer programmers are technologically savvy and have an eye for detail. You will have an ability to understand abstract concepts and able to use your critical thinking and analytical skills regularly.

  • Aptitude for technical activities
  • Logical approach to the solution of problems
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Willing to update knowledge as technology changes.

To become a Computer programmer

To be able to become a Computer programmer, your study options will change based on your previous study experience or your preferred study pathway:

Professional Accreditation

Most of the related programs are accredited with the Australian Computer Society – the regulatory body for IT professionals, but make sure to check each program for accreditation details. 


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