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Foreign correspondent

What is it like to be a Foreign correspondent? 

Foreign correspondents are passionate about reporting on people and events in foreign countries. They are ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, ready to report as soon as a story breaks. Foreign correspondents have a strong foundation in journalism and a willingness to exit their comfort zone. They can cover a variety of topics and events from foreign politics to the Olympic Games to war and revolution. 

Foreign correspondents often spend a lot of time in transit and are unable to predict where they will be posted next and for how long. They work either as a freelancer or for one particular news source, reporting from the field or in a foreign news head office. 

Employment level (thousands)

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Average weekly total cash earnings (before tax)
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Is it right for me? 

Foreign correspondents are confident written and verbal communicators who possess a strong knowledge of all current affairs. As a foreign correspondent you will be able to work within tight deadlines and be curious about the world around you. You will also possess the following traits;

  • Ability to write clear, concise, objective and accurate material quickly
  • Good general knowledge
  • Interest in current events
  • Aptitude to learn keyboard and shorthand skills
  • Ability to speak clearly when working on radio and television
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